Past events and projects

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Date:   23rd October 2020
Location:   Airport Eventhall, Obertraubling
Event:  Acoustic concert

Before we were all put into a light lockdown again, we were allowed to experience live music at its best. Gil and Stephan took us in Obertraubling on a musical journey through the "Alles auf Hoffnung" album. So we were able to rock out again this autumn, despite our seats.

Photo (c)  Caro Kern / Airport Eventhall

Date:   13th September.2020
Location:   Hard Rock Café, Munich
Event:  Acoustic concert

Music for breakfast - we could experience this on 13.09.2020. And after the dose of coffee had an effect on the audience, Gil and Stephan made the Hard Rock Cafe Munich rock properly.

Photo (c)  Hard Rock Café, Munich

Date:   28th August.2020
Location:   SparkassenPark, Mönchengladbach
Event:  Beach basket concert

"Destruction", "Pure emotions", "Absolute madness", is how we can quote the concert-goers who experienced Gil and Band at the Beach basket concert in the Sparkassen Park in Mönchengladbach. A perfect ending of the open air season. Check out the videos and photos. That cannot be put into words.

Photo (c) Nicole Imhof

Date:   21st August.2020
Location:   Upstalsboom Wellness Ressort, Wyk auf Föhr
Event:   Acoustic concert

Südstrand Open Air, Musik am Meer - that was the motto in Wyk on Föhr. Gil and Stephan played an acoustic concert and we could listen to the music in a cosy atmosphere.

Photo (c) Nicole Imhof

Date:   15th August.2020
Location:   City park, Homberg Efze
Event:   Park bench concert

On the park bench, ready, go... That's the motto in Homberg Efze. Gil and Stephan played the songs from the current album "Alles auf Hoffnung", as well as songs from the "Acht" albums and of course "Shallow" could not be missing.

Photo (c) Nicole Imhof

Date:   09th August.2020
Location:   Drive-in cinema, Baden Baden
Event:   Drive-in cinema concert

It was hot, very hot when Gil, Cassandra, Steve, Stephan, Rainer and Sebastian gave a drive-in cinema concert for us on stage in Baden Baden. And those who couldn't be there live, had the opportunity to participate in the concert via a live stream.

Photo (c) Björn Globisch

Date:   07th August.2020
Location:   Domplatz, Fritzlar
Event:   Folding chair concert

"Oj, a lot of people have participated." Gil was happy to look at his birthday card. There were a lot of fans who took part in realizing Gils's secret dream of owning his own SUB board. You can see how surprised he was in the video...

Date:   07th August.2020
Location:   Domplatz, Fritzlar
Event:   Folding chair concert

Twice in a row we could see Gil, Stephan and Sebastian in Fritzlar. The spectators took their seats on their folding chairs and enjoyed two concerts in front of the cathedral, a very special setting. 
A highlight of the evening was also the handing over of Gil's birthday present. He was very pleased about his new SUP board. 
Many thanks to all who participated in the gift.

Photo (c) Nicole Imhof

Date: 18th July.2020
Location: Rhododendronpark Westerstede
Event: Picnic concert

After initial weather-related difficulties, Gil and Stephan Zeh were finally able to play live in front of an audience again after a long time. We were there too, made ourselves comfortable on the picnic blanket or supervised the merchandising stand. You can find videos of this concert on our YouTube channel. If you click on the picture, you will get to our photo gallery and get a little insight into how wonderful the concert was.
Photo (c) timarluna

Date: 10th July 2020
Location: Riedering
Event: Final of the 1st season #AAH-live streams

On July 10, 2020 the last "Alles auf Hoffnung" live stream took place for the time being. Gil, Stephan Zeh, Cassandra Steen and Tal Ofarim, together with Big S, Rainer Huber and Sebastian Gieck, had a great time and created a very special evening!
Photo (c) Tina Globisch

Date: March 20th, 2020
Event: Livestream Mini Concert

If we can't go to a concert, the concert comes to us. Therefore, Gil invited to a livestream concert on Instagram and Facebook on Friday night. Of course, we were also there and celebrated Gil's music at home. Many thanks also to Rock Antenne who presented this concert.

Click on the pictures and you will be led to the live stream!

Date: March, 10th 2020
Location: LOGO Hamburg
Event: „Alles auf Hoffnung“ Club Tour

The last stop for the time being was Hamburg. Like during the "20 years" tour, Gil and his band rocked the LOGO. And the atmosphere was great here, too. The fans sang and danced, cried and laughed and made this evening a very special one!

Photo: Nicole Imhof

Date: March, 09th 2020
Location: Musikzentrum Hanover
Event: „Alles auf Hoffnung“ Club Tour

From Berlin we went on to Hanover. Once again we helped where needed, took care of the VIPs and diligently distributed flyers! Afterwards we celebrated the new album together with the guys and the fans.

Photo: Nicole Imhof

Date: March, 08th 2020
Location: Frannz Club Berlin
Event: „Alles auf Hoffnung“ Club Tour

After a short break to take a breath, the tour continued on International Women's Day in Berlin. In a crowded house they laughed and cried, danced and rocked together! And to everyone's great surprise, Cassandra Steen suddenly took to the stage during the encore and sang "Ein Teil von mir" together with Gil! A very special moment for everyone!

Photo: Bea Richter

Date: March, 04th 2020
Location: Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld Cologne
Event: „Alles auf Hoffnung“ Club Tour

We went on to Cologne where the guys rocked the stage! Once again, they were surprised by the audience. Whether it's "Herz" or "Ein Teil von mir" - there were enough magical moments - and we were right in the middle of it!

Photo:  Inga Schmengler-Scholz

Date: March, 03rd 2020
Location: Technikum Munich
Event: „Alles auf Hoffnung“ Club Tour

Tour start in Munich - What an evening! For the first time the guys played all the songs of the new album live! And what can we say: The fans were partly more text-safe than Gil! We took care of the VIP fans and distributed the new flyers as well!

Photo: Nicole Imhof

Date: February, 29th 2020
Location: Ludwig Beck Munich
Event: album presentation

One day after the release of "Alles auf Hoffnung" Gil presented the new album in a mini concert together with Stephan Zeh in the department store Ludwig Beck. He then took the time to sign autographs and take selfies.

Photo: Isa Bell

date:  November 29th, 2019
location:  Hannover
Today is not only the release day of his new single "Ein Teil von mir".
Today, Gil played the new song for the first time live with his band in an unplugged version at the NDR Talkshow, too. And we were allowed to be in the studio live!


date:  October 4th, 2019
project:  Good things come to those who wait! After the charity concert in Willlich we were able to hand over Gil our birthday present. And because the audience was so great, we surprised him spontaneously with a small belated serenade. And Gil was definitely surprised! Many thanks to everyone who participated in the gift or helped us serenade on the spot.

date:  October 4th, 2019
location: Willich / Anrath
project:  Gil and his boys played in the Josefshalle in Willich / Anrath for the benefit of the two foundations. The five rocked the stage in front of a sold-out audience. This benefit concert was presented by the Porsche Center Willich. And there were two surprises: First Gil sang "Country Roads" together with the manager of the Porsche Center Karsten Küch and then suddenly Cassandra Steen was on stage again to sing "Shallow" with Gil. After a great concert, Gil took the time, signed autographs and took selfies. In the end, we finally had the opportunity to take our long-awaited 9 photo. #weareateam

photo:  © Björn Globisch

date:  October 3rd, 2019
location:  Waging am See

Music under the circus tent - Gil Ofarim played unplugged together with his band at the "Zirkuszeltfestival Zeltln" in Waging am See. We supported him diligently at the merch stand and stood by the many new fans with words and deeds. It was a great atmosphere with a great crowd and a big surprise when Cassandra Steen suddenly stood on stage and sang with Gil "Shallow".

photo:  © Björn Globisch

date:  June 16th, 2019
location:  Munich

Munich celebrated its birthday! And we celebrated, too! At the founding of his hometown, Gil rocked Marienplatz together with his band. It was not only a birthday song, but it was a whole birthday concert! And as a special surprise Gil revealed that he signed a big record contract a few weeks ago! The enthusiasm was huge and the rush at the subsequent spontaneous small autograph session the bigger!

photo:  © Nicole Imhof

date:  June 13th, 2019
project:  Thursday night at the best primetime Gil took the time and answered your questions. We talked about the new album, about getting to know his band but also about his definition of happiness and what he does for his body and soul. Time flew by and we can only say thank you again!

date:  June 9th, 2019
location:  Leipzig

On 09.06.2019 the annual city festival took place in Leipzig. Gil played along with his band on the main stage at the market. Of course we were there too and supported him loudly! Gil promised to come back to Leipzig and then rock Haus Auensee! We are curious and can say in any case already: We are there!

photo: © Tina Globisch

date: January 12th, 2019
location: Munich

On January 12th, 2019, Gil along with his brother Tal and his great band gave a very special unplugged concert in Freising. We joined them to welcome the VIP-guests, give out our brand-new freebie pocket calendars and help with setting up and dismantling the stage. Along with songs from the recent EP "20 years #1/4" the boys also played songs like Zoo Army's "I'm Alive" or Gil's classic "Round ‘N’ Round (It Goes)". Also, Gil and Tal spelt the beans about one or the other story from the past. It was a highly emotional evening for everyone that we will not be forgetting anytime soon.

photo: © Isabell Martini

date: January 12th, 2019
location: Munich

On January 12th, 2019 Gil and Tal took us with them on a journey to the past. With your help, we could give Gil a collection of old press articles, collected snippets and of course the BRAVO love story with him in it and could take him on this journey from our point of view. As you can see, he was immersed in the gift immediately and was very happy about it. Thanks to everyone who was part of this activity. #weareoneteam

photo: © Tina Globisch/Isabell Martini

date: October 13th, 2018
project: On October 13th, 2018, after a long wait, we finally could give Gil's birthay present to him, which was a portrait of him. We had seen a portrait of his father Abi Ofarim and were very impressed. This gave us the idea to ask the people in the Street Team-board for help to give Gil a portrait of his own! And really! We could gather the money and could render Gil speechless. Once more it shows: WE ARE A TEAM!

date: October 5th, 2018
project: In loving memory of a great artist and wonderful man, on Abi Ofarim's birthday we published a duet of Gil and Tal Ofarim. They sing the first song their father ever taught them. We filmed this during Gil's home match in Munich's Technikum in the course of his 20 Years-tour. It was a magic moment for everyone present!

date: May 23th, 2018
project: fan video "20 years" for Gil as a memory for his tour

date: April 28th, 2018
location: Munich
event: concert Gil

As part of Die Lange Nacht der Musik in Munich on April 28th, 2018, Gil played in the Alte Rotation as the main act. Of course we were also there and supported him actively - whether by selling the new EP at the merch stand or by loudly singing along and dancing in the front row! It was once again a great concert and we are looking forward to many more!

photo: © Isa Bell

date: March 2nd, 2018
location: Wetzikon
event: concert Gil

For the elventh and last station of Gil's "20 years"-tour again many Street Team-members traveled very far to support Gil one last time on this terrific tour. In the very cool looking Hall of Fame in Wetzikon the band once more did their best while we made sure there were enough pictures to remember one last time. In the end we also gave Gil his tour book which was now finished. During the final song there was one or the other tear to be seen as a very intense time for the whole team was ending that night, but of course we said good-bye with a smile too. Because after the tour is before the Tour.

photo: © Tina Petrik

date: February 24th, 2018
location: Vienna
event: concert Gil

The tenth station of Gil's "20 years"-tour started to feel like good-bye. In the small, comfortable B72-club in Vienna the band and us actually had to make space for everything after the arrival. Of course the band rocked the club as they always do anyway later and after we had installed the stage decoration, for once we actually just enjoyed the concert.

photo: © Tina Petrik

date: February 23rd, 2018
location: Munich
event: concert Gil

The ninth station of Gil's "20 years"-tour was a very special one for Gil as well as for us. Gil rocked his home town! And not only fans but also friends and family rocked the stage with him. After the concert we could give Gil a tourbook that fans, friends and family had created for him which he was very happy about. In the end it was a very beautiful and emotional evening!

photo: © Boese Entertainment

date: February 18th, 2018
location: Hannover
event: concert Gil

Station 8 of Gil's "20 Years"-tour once more was full entertainment for all the fans. The big industrial Musik Zentrum allowed Gil to run into the audience at the end of the concert and party with the fans, and of course we were up close with the camera and in front of it.

photo: © Tina Petrik

date: February 17th, 2018
location: Monheim
event: concert Gil

The seventh station of Gil's "20 Years"-tour brought him and us to a Monheim auditorium. The unusual location offered much space on stage for the guys to rock, and the Street Team rewarded them again with a little surprise. This time we brought signs that we held up during the song Seid ihr dabei.

photo: © Tina Petrik

date: February 16th, 2018
location: Bochum
event: concert Gil

Station 6 of Gil's "20 Years"-tour had the Street Team meet back in Bochum, where last year's restart meeting took place. This time Gil rocked the big Matrix hall with many people attending and amazed many friends as well as the fans in the audience. The Street Team helped with the merchandise stall once more and took photos.

photo: © Tina Petrik

date: February 15th, 2018
location: Frankfurt
event: concert Gil

Frankfurt had the Street Team meet for station 5 of Gil's "20 Years"-tour. Many old and new faces in the audience made the gig in the night club a perfect start for another tour weekend. Gil was happy to see many fans at the autograph session who've been loyal to him for years.

photo: © Tina Petrik

date: February 11th, 2018
location: Hamburg
event: concert Gil

The fourth station of Gil's "20 years"-tour was in Hamburg, a city that means a lot to Gil. And us, we enjoyed the gig in the stylish club Logo just as much. The evening once more united many new fans who now support the Street Team after once more we caught the most awesome moments on camera and helped with the merchandise.

photo: © Tina Petrik

date: February 10th, 2018
location: Kiel
event: concert Gil

The third concert of Gil's "20 Years"-tour once more united many Street Team-members who helped the team with taking photos and videos of the event and manning the merchandise table. Gil personally thanked us for it on stage which meant a lot to us.

photo: © Tina Petrik

date: February 9th, 2018
location: Wolfenbüttel
event: concert Gil

Again a lot of Street Team-members attended Gil's second concert of his "20 Years"-tour. Aside from helping out with the merchandise table again and taking photos of the event, we were busy disposing flyers and recruiting new members for the team.

photo: © Tina Petrik

date: February 9th, 2018
location: Braunschweig
event: signing Gil

Before his conzert in Wolfenbüttel Gil held a signing at a big electronics retailer in Braunschweig. Along with his new ep "20 years #1/4" he brought his guitar so he could perform two songs for the waiting fans. We helped once more with disposing flyers.

photo: © Eva

date: February 3rd, 2018
location: Dessau
event: concert and signing Gil

Gil held a small concert and a signing at the Rathaus-Center Dessau in the beginning of February. The whole Street Team management surprised him by attending the event. In addition to taking photos and videos of the event for him, we helped his team at the signing hour. In the end we also took a photo of our power team with him.

photo: © Dannii-Maree Morris

date: February 2nd, 2018
location: Berlin
event: concert Gil

Many members of the Street Team came to attend Gil's first concert of his "20 Years"-tour, and they had prepared something very special for him. With the help of Gil's band, they could sing a song of their own in the middle of the concert and surprise him with a lot of signs saying Thank you. That way we could give Gil back a little bit of what he always gives to us. You could see and hear how touched Gil was and we all take home something very special from this evening.

photo: © Tina Petrik

date: November 11th, 2017
location: Nordwalde
event: Chrome Metal Tigers charity event (concert Gil)

Several girls from the Street Team attended an unplugged concert with Gil's guitarist Stefan at the charity event by the Chrome Metal Tigers in Nordwalde. Flyers were disposed, CDs were sold and of course we enjoyed Gil on stage. Right in front of the stage the girls partied hard, dancing and singing along. They were rewarded with a very special gift: For the first time in 16 years Gil played his first hit Round 'N' Round (It Goes). After the gig there was a quick autograph and selfie session with the team where we recruited some new members.

photo: © Tina Petrik

date: October 28th, 2017
location: Altjührden
event: Party der Generationen Vol. 9 (concert Gil)

To celebrate the street team's restart and to welcme new members, we met in the end of October during one of Gil's concerts by the North Sea. Even weathered by rain and a storm raging this weekend, we celebrated the great mood of revival and presented our new flyers and shirts to Gil. Gil took a lot of time for photos and autographs and then rocked the festival stage like he always does. Thank you for everything, Gil, and thanks to all our new members who disposed a lot of flyers that night.

photo: © Boese Entertainment

date: September 16th, 2017
location: Koblenz
event: Bundesland-Finale DAK Dance Contest (Gil on a dancing jury)

To coordinate last details about the new common website, there was another meeting scheduled in the course of this ambitious newcomer dance contest. Not only did we see a most memorable contemporary to live guitar music that day, but we also came to realize that brewing coffee is some real hardship without adding water... Aside from having a lot of fun, of course we did do some work with Gil too and agreed on the last details about building the new homepage. During the signing with fellow jury member Motsi Mabuse (known from Dancing with the Stars as well), at which the talents literally signed until they were out of cards, we recruited some new street team-members then. Koblenz, on this perhaps last of beautiful summer days you were a real pleasure!

photo: © Bettina Petrik

date: September 9th, 2017
location: Oberhausen
Event: Bundesland-Finale DAK Dance Contest (Gil on a dancing jury)

It's not often that within a few weeks, two people living in very different parts of Germany happen to be in the same region, so we decided to use Gil's next appointmen in Oberhausen for a debriefung about Bochum. Aside from taking many photos from the dance contest for social media, we had a lot of conversation about the new website. And while Gil was bringin in a lot of heart and expertise to play judge for the newcomers on stage, it was us for once who got paparazzi'd. Teamwork, guys ...

date: August 29th, 2017
location: Bochum
event: Zelt Festival Ruhr (concert Gil)

After many weeks of planning the street team make over and a few nightly message sessions, in the end of August it was finally time: In the course of an appearance at Zelt Festival Ruhr Gil took a lot of time to talk over the current and future street team function with us. We were also taking home a heartfelt thank you for the video shown below. After we worked off our to do list on our laptop, graphic tablet and about 8 smart phones at the same time, we were given the gift of attending the concert as guests. What can we say? Even after years, the magic is still there ...

photo: © Bettina Petrik


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